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"Follow your own dreams and discover who you truly are, and what you Love to share with the world"

Destiny designed my move to the rainbow region, in 2013 I surrendered and trusted in my desire to truly find my Tribe. The lush green hills of the Northern Rivers (NSW Australia), have become my happy home. Here, I live and love in Paradise with my Soul partner and fiance, David. 

My main inspiration and goal of Exotic Elegance is to promote self-love, respect and the freedom to be YourSelf. It is my Joy to share my artistry.

These creations are an extension of who I am, expressive, colourful, natural, connected and conscious.

Weaving together beautiful beads with Heart, I feel my creative expression is my divinity shining through.

I love to design with semi-precious gemstones, because of the healing energy they embody to elevate our Wellbeing. Each necklace organically evolves forming it's own personality at play.

Within my vast variety of pendants, I trust that there's a desired design to satisfy most tastes!

Happily, I spend time selecting the best crystals and supplies to ensure quality and good vibes. 

I am dedicated to creating statement jewellery, that will provide many years of enrichment.

When you purchase from Exotic Elegance, you are buying direct from myself the artist.

I warmly Welcome your contact.

Crystal Clear Love,

Heather Mary  

True beauty expresses through the Awakening Heart …

and you re-discover You Are Love ItSelf

* Credit: David Trood Photography

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